The Mohawk Valley Latino Association

The Mohawk Valley Latino Association (MVLA) is led by executive director, Carmen Sonia Martinez. MVLA was formed to unite the Latino community and provide coordinated assistance in navigating housing, immigration, healthcare, social services, court and/or employment issues.


  • To improve the standards of living for all residents of the Mohawk Valley through various services that will educate and empower them.

  • To achieve awareness amongst the different cultures of the Mohawk Valley.

  • To help shape the minds of our youth and demonstrate to them the great opportunities available within the Mohawk Valley and our Nation.

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As an organization, we pledge to accept and abide by these three principles as timeless guidelines for aiding the lives of others:

  • We want to give people the opportunity to improve their mind, body, and spirit.

  • We feel the need and responsibility to reach out to the people of the community we serve, especially those that find it difficult to enhance their quality of life.

  • ​We are committed to being a non-profit organization.

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