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Non-Profit Tenants at DeSales

The DeSales Center was formed to provide a safe, affordable space for its not-for-profit tenants so that each organization can live out their own mission statements.

The DeSales Center seeks to create a more vibrant community by providing reliable and affordable program space for not-for-profit groups that share that same vision.

One of the greatest assets possessed by the DeSales Center is its location. We are right on Genesee Street in the center of Utica. The Utica Public Library is our next door neighbor and the Munson-Williams Proctor Art Institute is directly across the street. Both of these neighbors have opened their doors to our children through a variety of programs including community gardening, story times, art experience and computer use. Our building could not be a better campus for the education of young children.

Current Tenants

Thea Bowman House, Inc.

Thea Bowman House's mission is to provide a safe, nurturing environment to enable culturally diverse children and families to achieve their full potential. Thea Bowman House is built on Agape: unconditional love.


Academics First Child Care


At Academics First, we strive to provide more than just the basic necessities of childcare. Our aim is to help the children we serve reach the fullness of their potential. ​Our focus is to provide your child with a positive experience with an increased understanding of the world obtained through education.

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