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Projects & Fundraisers

The Elevator

In November 2019, it was announced that the city of Utica would receive $10 million as a part of New York State's Downtown Revitalization Initiative (D.R.I.). It was announced in May 2021 that the DeSales Center would receive $500,000 from this initiative towards some much-needed building renovations, primarily the installation of an elevator. The DeSales Center is a place of welcome to all, a place of education and recreation, and a place where the community can gather -- this elevator will make the building's upper floors fully accessible to all! 

The Window Campaign

In September 2018, nearly 60 windows in the DeSales Center were replaced utilizing grant money from the Dormitory Authority of New York State. The windows were in terrible condition, many had holes or cracks that were duct taped. The windows represented a danger to those inside and outside of the building, as well as resulted in uneconomical heating and cooling. Other windows were non-functional without handles and could not be opened. Utilizing this grant, every window facing Genesee Street was replaced, as well as others on the side of the building. The replacement has made a huge difference, but there are still more windows that need to be replaced. Our Window Campaign will continue in 2021.

Special Thanks to:

Bonacci Architects, Dave Bonacci

Little Falls Lumber Co.

HR Beebe Construction


Donate to the DeSales Center

Donations to the DeSales Center benefit not only the building but also the hundreds of children who attend school and child care within. Since the DeSales Center is a holding corporation, checks should be made out to Thea Bowman House with "The DeSales Center" on the memo line. Or, donate online using the button below and select "The DeSales Center" as your program of choice from the drop down menu. Funds marked for the DeSales Center will be used exclusively towards the building.

Your donation will directly improve the daily lives of children, staff, and parents who use this building each day. We are endlessly grateful for your support.

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